Monday, 3 March 2008


Sound Design
Had a very good tutorial with Barnaby Templar on Friday, he had a couple of good suggestions for the sound design of he clip I have chosen. He showed me a good method for use at the start of the clip, how I can turn the musical score into diagetic sound for the first scene. The work I showed him was very, very rough yet he saw what I am trying to do with it and was encouraging of my efforts. Quite stressed that I will have trouble realising what i want to do with this project due to my lack of technical knowledge of the software. 

Web Design
Over the weekend I added a news section an an MP3 page. Also spent many hours trying (once again) to add video to the page alloted for this. Still to no avail. I also Completed the links page, which took hours1 I designed it with a leather jacket covered in badges and the badges being the buttons for the links. Doing this I discovered that a photoshop .psd transparency file can be imported to the stage which was a tiny 'eureka' moment for me as I initially was under the impression that only .jpeg files could be imported. With this in mind I am tempted to re-do practically the whole of the site due to the fact that all of the other buttons on the site are .jpeg fils and not transparencies, therefore they are al blocky in shape and in places you can tell they are on top f the background. But, due to the looming deadline and the amount of work I have to do in other areas I will leave that job for now and attend to it at a later date. But it's still annoying for me knowing I can make it just a little bit better. So once again I have a tutorial with Shaun this week where i will be asking the same advice for the same problem I had 3 weeks ago! 

Self Negotiated
Won't say too much about this as I really have to get on with it. So what is left to do? Finish the storyboard (hopefully get the first draft completed today !??) From that the animatic and hopefully the 30 second bit to follow that. Seems like I have done alot of work or this and not much to show for it. I have to edit together the small test animations for this and compile a coherent folder for this project. So still tons to do and I really go and do it now. Still not 100% sure which way to go with the final film of this puppet of drawn or 3d? Probably one of the first two as my knowledge of the third is negligible. That is zero to none really (but wouldn't mind finding out) Also do I still want to produce an animated adaptation of 'A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings' or undertake a completely different project?

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