Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Pulling my bloody hair out

A successful and very unsuccessful day in many ways. But more frustrating than anything. First up was a tutorial for my Web Design Elective - 3 of the movies on my videos page don't play for some unknown reason as I applied the EXACT same methods putting them on the site as I did the 2 that worked. Shaun didn't know why they won't work either. Great. Also I kind of got answers for my questions concerning putting the mp3s on but had to find Ella again and she successfully showed me how to make them play and how they can be downloaded too. She couldn't work out either why the movies don't play. I tried re-compressing the movies into Flash files and put their source folder right next to the Flash project file thus limiting the path; but this doesn't work either. It's driving me fucking bananas so I predict I will link the movie buttons (of the ones that don't work) to YouTube. not what I want at all and ruins the design of that page. But what else can I do as I've explored every possibility and I need to focus my time on the other projects. I definatly have spent far more time than planned with this project and I have literally touched on the VERY basics of Flash. The next question I have is now it's built, what do I do with the site? I have the domain name - which is the best server to utilise? 

I had a tutorial with Suzie concerning my Self-Negotiated Project and this was the definate highlight of the day for me. We stripped the story I am adapting right down to 3 main characters (I will build these 3 puppets) also crabs and chickens too. She had some brilliant suggestions and together I feel we achieved a working narrative still keeping the essence of the tale with many oppourtunities for many nice visuals. All I have to do is realise this! But for the deadline I'll storyboard the new improved version, edit the animation I have produced and show the character design. i started the storyboarding this afternoon whilst waiting to gain access to the heavily booked sound room.

My day took a turn for the worse when attempting to sort my Sound Design Project. I had previously emailed John to ask for technical help for this and he kindly showed me around the working of Logic. I now know how to eq a sound-quite handy considering the project requirements. Tom had shown us this, very well I may add -but returning to apply this knowledge days after being shown as a group, the information tends to get lost (with me anyway) The best way I find I take in information is if somebody is literally sat next to me guiding me. This is what John did and I really appreciate his input. So, after his induction it was down to me to get editing and processing. The computer started freezing all over the place and the image wasn't synching with the sounds at all. So, I thought, compress the video clip, that will help the computer a bit-which I did and in doing so managed to shut down Logic in the process and 'do not save project' was pressed therefore losing the hour of processing. Nice one, an hour lost. The computer then took an age rendering the compressed movie and when I applied it to the project I realised my time was up and college is shutting. Very frustrated with how shit and slow the computer is in that room, how booked up it is and the lack of time. Will be incredibly lucky if I can achieve what I want to with this project. Fingers crossed. From something that I originally was looking forward to and ready to embrace, this sound design project has really pissed me off, basically due many factors, mainly my lack of knowledge and the rubbish computer we're all working on. I'm not the only one sharing this point of view. Anyway, better go as I have to get to band practice. What a long day. I need a drink. A large one.

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