Friday, 7 March 2008

Getting there

Catalogue of success with all projects yesterday -
managed to find out the problem why 3 out of the 5 movies didn't work, due to them being corrupt files with no sound. I had to dig into my archives and import the videos again from my Dv camera. However I experience the same problem with a video that was previously working-it disappeared, but after re-locating it to another layer, it worked again. It doesn't make any sense, but will be content that they all work (2 videos have a little pixelation which pisses me of, but will go with those for the time being) So the site is FINISHED! But not online yet which is the next step.
A couple of evening ago, John gave me a guided tour around all that is Logic and after my initial computer crashing problems, last night I made more headway to the point of near completion. Tom advised me on a couple of things which was really handy to get another point of view. The computer was still crashing all over the place, but my frustration with it was kept at bay with the progress I made. We had part presentations of our work so far and everyone's stuff is great and very varied. Mine went down well, causing a few laughs which made me chuffed as I intended to try and add comedic elements to the clip via the soundtrack. Actually during the group tutorial I sussed out the website problems. Maybe a little rude to tap away on a different project whilst discussing another, but you've got to get it in when you can! Strike while the iron is hot and so on with the sayings and so forth.
Whilst waiting for the MA sound room to become available I was mucking about with my crab animation in After Effects and literally stumbled upon the colour key effect (maybe this is obvious to some, but not to me !) So, I managed to line up the animation with a seaside background. I experimented with obvious scenes where you can totally see it's animation and real film, but also not-so-obvious blends worked well. Here's one of the tests  below
Also been experimenting with making feathers solid (to make some enormous wings for the old man puppet) I tried varnishing a few, but they turn out sickly yellow and look crap (amazingly enough) so will  try other methods over the Easter holidays. Also a little further with the new improved story board, but that need quite alot of attention over the next few days, along with the character design. Last night I spent a few hours collecting the work I have done for this project research-wise for inclusion in the portfolio.

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