Sunday, 2 December 2007

Collaboration Project - The Foxes Tail

Following on from the storyboarding I set off again to the coast to have another go and getting some beach footage. Had to hurry as my main objective was to time lapse the sun setting over either Cromer or Sheringham and I left Norwich around 2.30p.m. The weather was o.k. quite dry thankfully and was a relative success. Was a little worried about the possible detrimental effect the salty sea air may have on the equipment - also there was a moment of panic when the laptop had a rubbish moment and for a while it was 'thinking' about saving what I had shot, maybe as I shot every scene as one project-in the future it would be better to shoot lots of seperate projects. But in the end it did save which was a relief. Not so happy however with what I did shoot but had planned to return today to explore a good spot that had been reommended to capture the sun setting, but again the weather scuppered this plan. So today is spent frantically drawing and thinking about completing the research portfolio which I wish I had have taken care of a while back. 'Never leave it all to the last minute' is advice I seem to not take notice of unfortunatly! Mind you, if I was interested in it I think my attitude would be alot different! From looking at the photo above I grow ever increasingly edgy that the seaside excursion will have bad long term effects on the equipment.

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