Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Collaboration Project

So, as planned, headed off to Sheringham on Friday with Matt Flowerday with the objective to film some great time lapse of the sun rising over a Norfolk seaside town (the opening scene of 'The Foxes Tail') and also to get some photos too. Well, that WAS the plan. We stayed at a friends so we could get up early and achieve what I'd set out to do, but unfortunatly after a rude awakening from the alarm at 5.30a.m. we discovered it to be tipping it down with rain, more-or-less stopping play completly. So that plan went literally down the drain and I was pissed off. This weather nighmare was always a possibility; I had pre-planned this eventuality by naivly packing bin bags for coverage of the equipment should it rain, but along with the heavy wind and the rain it would have seen laptop and cameras obliterated. So, this plan was postponed. Yesterday was much more productive- after alot of experimentation with th capture settings in the back garden,me and my girlfriend went on a sunset time-lapse expedition which proved far more productive. We set up at Keswick Church (see above), just outside of Norwich and shot some time-lapse from a few angles, the last set up proving the most successful capturing an amazing colour filled sun set behind the church. For the 3 something minutes of footage we got it was well worth the couple of hours hanging around in the freezing cold and getting spooked by the creepy atmosphere of this isolated church. Saw a huge rat too which decided to lurk about which added to it all- I'm glad I had a companion! I aim (hopefull) to combine the time-lapse with animate sequences in the same frames, we'll see how that works out... Right, on with my 'reseach portfolio'.

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