Wednesday, 14 November 2007

12 hours recording

I spent a very long Sunday recording bass tracks and singing(?) for 3 bands, Goober Patrol, Vanilla Pod an a hybrid of 2 bands called The Goober City Rockers. Was quite a mission to record an 11 piece band in very limited time, but we did it! We all bashed it out at Purple Rain Studios, in Trowse. A great albeit freezing building, it's a recording studio in the vicarage next to the church. Bizarre that upon arriving at the studio in the morning the Sunday service was leaving this church. The idea behind the day is to get a few bands to all record on the same day to all go on a compilation cd that's a tribute to 2 friends who have recently passed away. A nice idea and it's got all the friends together. Will be a good diverse cd once it's mixed and mastered. I also spent the rest of the day filming other bands and bits and pieces as apparently there's a plan to make a video for one of the collaborative tracks, with all members involved and some big group choreographed dance moves to boot, super!

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