Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Collaboration Project - The Foxes Tail

Last night was exclusively spent sketching various characters for a party scene in the first paragraph of the short story - I took inspiration from my visit to the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart and feel that the costumes for the Oskar Schlemmer ballet will make great characters for that particular scene. I ideally would like to make 3d models and animate them in a 3d program. I downloaded an educational version of Maya, something I'm totally unfamiliar with. I looked at it, and it's not so different from 3dsmax-but this version is watermarked to hell, so anything produced with it will looked crap as you like. Still, it will help me navigate around the program and to get to grips with it. Well, that's the plan. I have already made a ball bounce and given it a material to make it appear less naked., A* star and top of the class, well done tiny-brain! After a few initial experiments with After Effects to attempt to get a title screen together I moved onto Premier to really roughly edit some stuff to the soundtrack with the aim of having the narration over the top of this. I met up with Paul Knight (author) and set upon recording the narration in the sound room this afternoon. After help from Phil, we were ready to roll so-to-speak and we managed to get the recording down in with not too much hassle at all, Paul was obviously well rehearsed which was a great help. Good also that he is very keen to help in any way possible with this project. I do aim for the assessment to have a good chunk of the story completed- so from that a feel for the whole film can be achieved, but I would if possible like to complete the whole lot. Blogging is a great distraction from the horror that is THE 'research portfolio' I'm finding it increasingly difficult to articulate what I actually already know.(or think I do) I think my 'stupid gene' may have kicked in over the years spent away from education. I hope I can find an antidote. and bloody quick.

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