Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Technical troubles and other such fun

Sound Design
After much watching, I've settled with a nice animation entitles 'The Wooden Leg'(1994) by Darren Doherty and Nick smith. Not on YouTube so no link I'm afraid (an animation only YouTube would be handy...) Anyway, trying to convert it into an editable format for the best part of 2 days and it's proving a complete mission. Working out mpeg code breakers and whatnot is quite boring and time wasting (when time is of the essence currently) So I have the clip, but not in an editable format. That's frustrating. However I have studied it and worked out what to do with it.

Web Design
Of course this was never going to be easy. Started literally at the beginning again, printed off 'how-to' notes for Dreamweaver from the internet, which proved useless, so did the maximum that I'm able to do with this project (ie. notalot) Laid out the pages (in Flash) I intend to use for the site and all I need o do now is 'simply' link them together so it's a working website. We'll see! A shame I cannot design this more in the way I want, but with the time and my lack of knowledge I'll have to make do with what I can do really.

Self Negotiated
With my battles with computers and their 'fantastic' 'straight forward' software, I have neglected this project and may have to cancel my booking of the puppet D.A.R. due to the simple fact that I have no puppet to test animate. What a nightmare and a big panic. In hindsight, I wish I had all of this taken care of over Christmas and not concerntrated so much on the collaborative project. I'm also sure I have missed a tutorial concerning this project too which isn't much good either. Sort of walking in the dark with this one and hope I can find some kind of direction with it soon as time is running out. Thinking I should've stretched this MA over 2 years as I seem to be unable to fit it all in -3 projects, 2 days a week job, 2 active bands, not to mention a somewhat neglected private/social life. Ho-hum, 'onwards and upwards'. It doesn't help when talking to fellow students about their stuff and seeing their progress it makes me panic with my somewhat lack of progress. Safe to say it's time to write a new timetable.

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