Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Progress so far....

Web Design
Since last time I sought advice and much needed help from Ella at college and she showed me again  what I had previously been shown, but this time I got it a bit more. Returned to her for help a couple more times and am happy with my progress so far. The website is nearly finished I'd say with the results I'm after. The next 2 missions i have to undertake is how to embed Mp3's and short films  - I have been shown this process but again it's all trial and error! Looking good for deadline and presentation (fingers crossed)

Self Negotiated
Good amount of zero feedback from the people who I asked to read the story - Suzie has mentioned I should draw up a questionairre to give to them, but I fear this may be a waste of time. Anyway, have recently built a crab puppet (crabs feature heavily in the story) and also sought advice from Barry Leith concerning building a very old man with enormous wings puppet. Got a bit of advice, so will act on it! Had plans to set up and animate today, but Sam was busy, so first thing tomorrow will get going with animating. My plan for this is to storyboard it, have some test animations and also produce 'The Very Old man With Enourmous Wings in 30 seconds' for deadline. I also collaborated with fellow musician Simon Sandall (who I play in Goober Patrol with) to start creating some form of a soundtrack for the 'feature'. We came up with a nice steady tune and also an incidental piece of music which I will apply to an aspect of the story which is now (hopefully) going to be a small dance routine in the middle of the tale - to lighten the mood a bit and to be entertaining (also fits in with he themes of Magical Realism) May be hugely ambitious, but we'll see.  Anyway the test puppet animation will help me with the decision of how I'm going to realise the story, be it puppet animation or otherwise.

Sound Design
So far so good, got my clip, got it on the computer machine, so that's the basics. Have a plan to record some atmospheric pub/bar sounds, but think I can re-produce this in the studio. Recorded Foley today with Catherine, hopefully it turned out o.k. More to do Thursday (as well as animate-oh dear, double booked myself) The mixing is gong to be a different matter. Constantly aware and studying animation sound, sound on films/adverts. Good to be this aware of what's going on, just a bit annoying. I hope I don't ruin all of that for myself like I did with music! 

Also joined another band. A folk band called The Tanktops. It's a folk band doing folk versions of punk songs and folk versions of folk songs. Our best song is 'sex and violins' (so far) I'm playing uklele (sort of) and bye bye bass and normal guitar, the uklele is what it's all about! We'll be playing a harvest festival near YOU soon!

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