Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Christmas Holidays drawing

.....was spent mostly drawing and storyboarding 'The Fox's tail' due to time restrictions I had to chop a few bits and pieces from the text,which I feel doesn't affect the narration too much I hope. Had another meeting with the author to show my intial sketches and ideas, I recieved more research material of a woodcut kind to aid with the design and look the story. My time management hasn't been too good, leaving the biggest bits of this project to last- and the usual huge jobs coming from an idea seemingly simple. Nearly every day of the break has required a few hours of drawing. A few technology problems with computer freezes and other joys helped the process! Spent the last day scanning in the images and editing together an animatic of the tale, with a rough soundtrack. Previously before the Christmas break, author Paul Knight recorded the narration for the story which turned out pretty well. Animatic to follow once I've compressed it.

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