Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Very nearly done....

An incredibly hectic weekend STILL editing but finally I'm pleased with the video overall. Until I spotted a stupid spelling mistake which took a bit of rectifying. Here's the final edit. I can't watch it anymore. My eyes hurt.
Compressors and their specific merits have been hot topics of conversation as well as 'is this straight' during the putting together of the exhibition today. I'm pleased with the images I have chosen to display - they are very bold and eyecatching. A weird feeling really that this year has flown by so quickly. Literally seems like 10 minutes ago when we all met and sat down to make our group animation. This return to education has fulfilled all the goals I had set in my mind initially and alot more besides. I have improved my design and technical skills and my work reflects these gains. I built a website, made a video, got some work comissioned and all in all had a very pleasant time back at The Norwich School of Art and Design (I'm not a fan of the new moniker though) I feel a sense of achievement and am quite proud of myself all round. There were many ups and downs within this intensive time and I just about kept my head above water.
So, what's next?

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