Monday, 21 July 2008

Masters project

So far so good -getting to grips with the massive capabilities of After Effect CS3, especially the key light effect. Had problems with my footage as it seemed to be full of lines which looked rubbish and was informed I should de-interlace the footage. I checked out a tutorial to do this (cheers Graeme) but this looked like alot of hassle and time, so I uploaded the footage all over again and hopefully it will be better quality this time. I've been experimenting with editind the live action with animation and have now found a 'look' to the video which I am happy with and puts across the message well (above image) Still a long way to go, but glad I have a style in which I can apply everything too. have many ideas and am very self aware not to clutter the video up too much.
Also completed some work for The Student pocket Guide just a small edit with ex-Big Brother housemate Carole. She's the new agony aunt for the site/magazine.
Updated the Goober Patrol website and hopefully will sort out getting it online finally tomorrow. Or not, we'll see!
Have an interview this week at the Assembly Rooms with the N.E.N. about possibly using my dragon timeline animation next year for the year of the dragon celebrations. This means if it's used, then it will be shown on screen in the City Hall, Guild Hall and Assembly Rooms. Nice one!

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