Tuesday, 3 June 2008

What have I been doing?

Right, a new direction as far as my final project is going -no longer the adaption of a narrative, now a music video. I have chosen to do this as I feel in the future I would rather go down this route rather than the other- but never say never as the saying goes. I intend to make a video for a band I play in, Goober Patrol. It's a song recorded a while back (see blog from last year) The song is a good old hearty protest song, so my intentions are obviously to do the song justice! The band is a punk band and by that I don't mean the insipid fashionable claptrap that parades itself about ,claiming they are 'punk' but being as acceptable as Wham or Travis-  but a band with a political agenda. My aim is to produce a video full of anti-capitalist imagery (as is the song content) Basically I would like to use capitalist networks and media to spread this anti-capitalist message. These networks being those dominating the Internet and T.V. The songs' structure is questions and answers and I aim to have these in 2 very contrasting graphic styles to reflect. Hopefully I'll come up with something original and not full of cliches, which is the risk with embarking upon a project like this. I am including the band in the video and intend to shoot in the shoe factory in the blue room. I scouted it out the other day and the location is great.

Animation For Exhibition - this project is going well, I've been trying to get my snap-dragon character to walk in a convincing manner in After Effects, it's proving to be a bit of a mission currently but not so bad I suppose. Here's a rough 'sketch' of what I'd like to achieve visually with this - 

I couldn't get the animatic or "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings' to upload - no great loss !

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