Thursday, 8 May 2008

I'm Back

Well, been a while since the last post - been a very busy and  odd time for many reasons I shan't go in to; sufice to say personal life went haywire and college work took a back seat for a little while. Right, 2 projects ahead and this is the progress so far....
Self Negotiated final project- still undecided as to stick with the plan fror 'A very old Man' adaptation or go with plan B which is making a really nice music video for one of 3 bands I have the opportunity to produce one for. I may go with a video for a band I play in, Vanilla Pod as this weekend we record new tracks. I have many ideas for stop motion possibilities with the band (who are very up for these ideas and willing) Hopefully in breaks between recording I can make some test animations with them. I'd like to blue screen the band in the shoe factory and also have someone to film parts of the video which I will be in. It's still undecided as to which direction to go with this, I need to choose bloody soon. The external assessor told me I was too ambitious with my "Old Man' plan as it will take an age to complete. However, I do have the soundtrack to this written and recorded by Olga from The Toy Dolls which was a right scoop really. and would be a shame not to use this. I am confused.
This animation for exhibition project has me wanting to either project a 30 second piece onto the side of an historic building in Norwich. Thoughts go with the castle, Cow Tower or pieces of the old city wall in the Cathedral Close. I also had an idea yesterday whilst having a tour of the castle to go down the Tim Hunkin route and make a 'ride' this being a re-make of the Snap Dragon which resides in the keep, to make one of these that a child can sit in, with a animated tour of the journey this took through medieval Norwich. Would be brilliant also to have the 'ride' move and sway as it walks. Maybe 'too ambitious' again, but an idea none-the-less. Lots to do there. I would like to incorporate a woodcut style to this.
I have completed some private work for the Student Pocket Guide website. Check it out, I did the bits with Danny Dyer on the TV and also edited an interview with him too. Was a mission as the client was very particular with his needs, but all in all a good experience, check it out here
see you 

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